Hey there! I'm Nat and I'm the heart + hammer behind Of Great Value.

Of Great Value began in 2017 when my creative heart got restless and I decided to try something new. Normally covered in paint and spending most of my time with canvases, I picked up a hammer and a few different metals and fell in love with what I could create with them. 

I became drawn to creating things that were personal and would remind individuals of their true worth, encourage them, and empower them. From there, the purpose and name of this company came together in an effort to do just that. 

Based on the east coast, many of my designs have names that pay homage to the sweet beach town I call home. They invite the elegance and empowerment of the waves meeting the shore into every design. Move with your pieces and see them catch the light the way the waves do. Run your fingers over the textures that mimic the never-ending ocean of footprints that litter the beach after the perfect sunny day. Wear the words you treasure and be reminded that you are of great value.

Interested in wholesale pricing or have a question about a custom order?

Contact us anytime at info@ofgreatvalueco.com