Permanent Jewelry


Of Great Value is SO excited to bring PERMANENT JEWELRY to you as the first provider of this experience in Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads! 

We are currently only offering this service through pop-ups and private parties. Interested in having us come to your store or hosting a private party? We require a minimum of 10 people/10 pieces purchased to host a private party. Email us at to inquire!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry uses a micro-welding machine to "zap" a bracelet cut + fit perfectly to you onto your wrist. No more dealing with pesky clasps! This dainty piece will stay on as long as you want it to.

Where can I get Permanent Jewelry?

Of Great Value is currently the only business in Hampton Roads offering Permanent Jewelry! Our events page tells you where we will be popping up so you can come and get some for yourself. Click here for details on our events!

Does it hurt?

Not at all! The welding machine never touches your skin, just the metal. You will also have a piece of leather over your wrist to protect you further. You won't feel a thing!

Can I take it off?

Yes! While it's called "permanent jewelry" you can always just simply cut it off if you no longer want it.

Can I wear it in the water?

Yes! We use 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, and 14K Solid Gold chains that will last you for years and years of wear-- even in the water! We recommend that if your piece comes into contact with chemicals regularly or seems to be dull or dirty that you gently wash it with dawn dish soap and a microfiber cloth.

Can I wear it through TSA?

Yes! The only reason you'll be stopped going through TSA with a permanent bracelet is when the agent asks you where you got it ;)

What if it breaks?

If your bracelet breaks save the chain and we will put it back on you for $15!

What if I have to cut it off for medical reasons?

Always ask your doctor before cutting off your permanent bracelet for a medical reason! If they say you must, cut it cleanly across the ring that holds the ends together and we'll zap it back on you for free.

For any other questions about Permanent Jewelry please email us at!